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What lived here before us? Find out at the Morrison Natural History Museum where expert guides introduce natural history with touchable exhibits and lively discussions. Designed with families and schoolchildren in mind, this relaxed environment is perfect for kids of all ages to explore rocks and fossils. The exhibits and guides connect visitors with selected chapters from the ancient story of the Front Range.


  • Time Garden- investigate Morrison's geologic setting.
  • Quarry 5 Garden- observe "onsite fieldwork" as preparators probe sandstone boulders for fossils.
  • Jurassic Garden- immerse yourself in a patch of Jurassic flora.
  • Fossil Dig Pit- children dig for small, local fossils.
  • Discovery Outpost- a space for lunch and birthday parties.


  • Gift Shop- dinosaur-themed toys, shirts, hats, and other items.
  • Main Desk- start here: purchase tickets and gift shop items.
  • T. rex and Time- exhibition orientation. Encounter a cast Tyrannosaurus skull that you can gently touch. Understand which dinosaur species hail from the Denver area.
  • "Jurassic Morrison" room features rare and unique Jurassic fossils. Discover the life and landscape of Jurassic Morrison. On display, remains of the first Stegosaurus skeleton, infant dinosaur tracks, recent local fossil discoveries, and more.


  • "Cretaceous Colorado" room demonstrates the scope of life and landscapes in Morrison during the Cretaceous. Encounter the skulls of Triceratops, Tylosaurus, the skeleton of Pteranodon and much more.
  • "Ice Age" room features live reptiles and amphibians along side mammoth and sabre-toothed cat fossils. Live native snake encounter are a part of our daily tours.
  • Paleontology Laboratory & collections- see the fossils that the MNHM crew are cleaning for study. During daily tours, visitors may assist in the preparation of fossils.

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We provide a rare hands-on and interactive experience to all who are curious.

We are passionate about the understanding of and the respect for the deep past.

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