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Excavating Dinosaur Remains at Quarry 10

Explore. Discover. Study. Teach. That's what we do here. And you can take part in it. Since 2003, we've been exploring the Late Jurassic rocks of Morrison, Colorado trying to develop a better understanding of the ancient life and landscapes. Come see what we've uncovered.


Media Coverage

    Recent press about 3D models of baby Stegosaurus tracks:

  • Click here to read more about the MNHM work on stegosaur tracks on PBS NewsHour
  • Click here to read more in IFLScience!
  • Click here to read the article on Stegosaurus tracks in LiveScience
  • Click here to review the abstract about 3D modeling of Stegosaurus tracks.

    More press:

  • Click here for the 'Dino Guys' Reddit AMA
  • Click here for MNHM-related Denver Comic Con events 2014.

    Recent press by geological standards:

    Discovery of missing dinosaur muzzle:

  • Click here to meet "Kevin" the missing snout of Apatosaurus ajax.
  • Click here to view the 2013 abstract on "Kevin" for the Geological Society of America's annual meeting.

    Discovery of baby sauropod tracks:

  • Click here to read the original GSA/MNHM news release with photos.
  • Click here to link to the LiveScience article.
  • Click here to read the interview with fossil track discoverer Matthew Mossbrucker.

    Discovery of stegosaur tracks:

  • Click here to read about the discovery of baby Stegosaurus tracks from the front page of the Denver Post.
  • Click here to view a KUSA 9News feature about the find.
  • Click here to read the Associated Press article on stegosaur tracks in the Washington Post.

    More articles about Morrison Museum

  • Click here to read the Smithsonian magazine article.
  • Click here to view a KUSA 9news feature on the Morrison Museum.

"Small Museum; Big Discoveries"

Historic Dinosaur Dig Tours: Want to see the dig sites where the first Apatosaurus skeletons were found more than 130 years ago? Do you want to walk were baby Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus roamed? Come explore these historic sites with Matthew Mossbrucker, the discoverer of the now famous baby dinosaur tracks. Reservations are now being accepted for tours of the historic dinosaur quarries of Morrison and the fossils recovered from these sites at the Morrison Museum. Registration is $120 per person for a 5 hour program. Portions of this experience are strenuous, and involve short vertical hikes that involve loose rocks, rattlesnakes, and cactus. Therefore, due to safety concerns, this tour is not suitable for those under age sixteen. Snacks and water will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and meals. Call 303-697-1873 and speak with Matthew Mossbrucker or email him for more information.


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